So How Was The Big Apple Job Fair?

Written on 2:13 PM by Robert

CUNY Big Apple Job Fair

I got to the Jacob Javits Convention Center at around 10:30 - a full half-hour before the beginning of the Big Apple Job Fair. Registration was in the lower level and there was already a good sized line ahead of me. We were told immediately that we would not be allowed in if you weren't in a suit and tie (for the men) or didn't have your CUNY id card. By the time the organizers started to let people in, the line behind me stretched WAY down the long corridor. Local news crews were filming us on line, and photographers were taking pictures of the crowd as well. At 11:00, the line started to move and in no time I was at the registration desk, handing in a copy of my resume and receiving a bag full of brochures and a layout of the floor plan.

After registering, we followed the signs to the upper level. I had done my homework a few days ago, so I knew which employers I wanted to visit. The floor was fairly crowded, but I managed to visit all the employers I wanted to see, and even visit one that wasn't on my list - which was a waste of time. Lesson: Only visit the employers that are hiring for your field. Otherwise you will be wasting time.

Some employers, namely the NYC DOITT, weren't even taking resumes because of economic problems. However, I did get a good lead on openings in programming for a particular employer. Sorry - no details about that until I get an interview - the less competition I get, the better! Ha! The only problem was that I couldn't find where Eric Barron's workshop was. Those workshops are awesome.

All in all, it was definitely worth attending. I will follow up with my leads later today, including researching LinkedIn for any members in those companies who may want to discuss those positions. Wish me luck! Edit

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