I'm Unemployed and Proud of It!

Written on 10:44 AM by Robert

Emotions definitely come into play when you go through a layoff. I think the first emotion we have after a layoff (besides anger) is shame. Being jobless is traditionally a "bad" thing to have happen to someone (especially yourself). When you tell someone you've been laid off, the first reaction they give you is a pitiful, "I'm so sorry!" There is a period of time that you naturally want to hide this fact from most of your acquaintances and some family members to avoid the feeling of shame.

This shame seems to stem from the feeling that you are somehow responsible for your current situation. The fact is that if you are a casualty of the economy, and it has happened to millions of people just like you.

The shame you initially feel should eventually become acceptance. When you begin admitting you have a problem, that is the beginning of your personal recovery. Admitting you have a problem to others invite others to help.

Ok, being "proud" of being unemployed is probably stretching it a bit. However, the more people you tell about your unemployment issues, the greater the chances become that someone will connect you with that ONE opportunity that will get you your dream job. Isn't that the ultimate goal for the unemployed professional?

Do you think you should spread the word if you are unemployed, or keep it to yourself? Edit

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