Why Should I Work For The Government?

Written on 11:12 AM by Robert

GovernmentMost employed people that I know work for a private company and are fairly familiar with that environment. However, many people have never held a government job. What are the advantages (and disadvantages) of holding a government position?

Here are some of the advantages:
1. A pension. This is arguably better than a traditional 401k plan.
2. The financial services of a credit union or similar institution. Mortgages and other loans with great interest rates are always a welcome perk.
3. Your position is a measure of company status. Raises come at regular intervals (based on the economy, of course).
4. The higher your position, the more administrative power you hold - not always true in the private sector.
5. It is much harder for a government employee to be let go than a similar job in the private sector.
6. Some government agencies encourage hiring your relatives.
7. A more relaxed working environment.
8. A great benefits package.

Here are some of the disadvantages:
1. Government jobs offer a lower starting salary.
2. Promotions are few and far between.
3. Pay increases are smaller than they would be in the private sector.
4. Regulations. Government jobs come with tons of rules to follow.

If you had a choice between pubic and private sector jobs, do your research. Find out what would be a deal-breaker for you.

Anyone working for the government who wants to add something to this list? Any comments? Edit

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